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Thank you for applying to be a speaker at Cre8tiveCon 2023. Our highly anticipated conference is going on the road and brings out hundreds of Creatives and readers every year. Our stages are open for public submissions. Want to speak and be featured during the 2023 events? Fill out the form below. If you feel that a video will help make your case please send it to [email protected] *Please note, donations are required to be considered. Thank you and Good luck!
*donations help fund programs for the non-profit organization, AAMBC Inc. 5013c


Cre8tivecon is a free conference that brings emerging literary creatives with educators and skilled professionals in publishing and film who are knowledgeable and skilled in their field. 


Hundreds of creators will gather allowing you to connect with fellow artists easily. 


Talent is everywhere but opportunities are not.  Gain the skills needed to advance your creativity past a vision and transform it into a reality.


Freely create your stories and place it in the hands of those w ho can enhance your vision into print or on the screen.


Cre8te stories that will reach the masses

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