10:00 EST


10AM - 5PM


Dedicated to manuscripts, pitch your story to a panel of professionals and publishers.



Location: Auburn Ave. Library - 101 Auburn Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30303

Presenter: Tamika Newhouse

Orientation | 9:30AM

Presented by Amazon's KDP

10:00 AM | Panel

"From Writer to Publisher: Black Authors Thriving with KDP in Today's Market"

Writers delve into the strategies and techniques they have used to effectively market and promote their stories on KDP. Hear their techniques for gaining visibility, engaging readers, and expanding their reach through KDP's publishing and marketing features.

Moderator: Brittani Krystin


Phoenix Williams
Myrna Gayle
Bernette Sherman

Presented by the Authors Guild


Don’t let your excitement over a book deal lead you to agree to terms that are less than ideal. Authors Guild General Counsel Cheryl Davis will guide you through the most important terms to negotiate when considering a traditional publishing contract, focusing on critical provisions and perils to avoid.  The rights, money and warranty and indemnity provisions will be discussed in depth and attendees will have a chance to ask questions.

Teacher: Cheryl Davis

*Must be a pass holder

Teacher: Lay'Na Anderson

11:30 AM Masterclass

Branding for Visual Artists

Unlock the secrets of branding in the art world through an exclusive masterclass designed specifically for painters. Elevate your artistic career by gaining invaluable insights into building a personal brand that resonates with your unique style and amplifies your impact as a visual storyteller.

*Must be a pass holder

Moderator: Kyerra Weldon

12:00 PM | PANEL

 My Project is out, Now What?

Description: Gain indispensable guidance at from seasoned professionals who unveil strategies and resources to navigate the post-release landscape, ensuring your creative endeavors receive the attention and success they deserve. Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of effectively promoting and maximizing the impact of your projects.


Tiana Faulkner
Lynette Edwards
Viesha "Vi" Andrews 
Lizette London

1:00 PM


Moderator: Brittani Krystin

1:30 PM | PANEL

 "The Writer's Blueprint"

"Unlocking Opportunities in Today's Publishing Market for Black Authors"

Industry experts will share invaluable insights and strategies to navigate and thrive in the dynamic landscape of the publishing industry. Gain a comprehensive understanding of the current market trends, discover effective promotional tactics, and learn how to amplify your voice and presence as a black author in the literary world.


Angela DeCaires
Ardre Orie
Sheri Simmons

Instructor: Phoenix Williams

2:00 PM | workshop

Write, Market, & Publish In Four Months Or Less

 A detailed plan on how to write, market, and publish in four months or less

*Must be a pass holder

Instructor: Phoenix Williams

2:30 PM | Masterclass

Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Film, Entertainment and Nightlife presents: A Live Masterclass

A captivating Masterclass with LaJill Hunt, as she unveils the secrets behind mastering her extraordinary career in publishing and now in film and television. 

Presenter: Angela DeCaires, CEO, BookLogix


Sales-Boosting Authorship: Mastering Publishing Industry Tips and Tricks to Craft Books that Sell Presented by Book Logix

Join BookLogix for this immersive masterclass, "Sales-Boosting Authorship: Mastering Publishing Industry Tips and Tricks to Craft Books that Sell," led by CEO Angela DeCaires. Delve into learning the best industry practices to elevate your book, and its sales, throughout the publishing journey, gaining insights into editing, impactful cover design, and enhancing overall presentation and marketability. Navigate publishing, printing, distribution, and selling and marketing strategies. By the end of this masterclass, you’ll be equipped with a well-rounded understanding of the best industry practices for publishing a book with a better chance for sales success

Moderator: Karisma Ray

4:00 PM | Panel

Her Story

Description: A discussion on empowering Black writers in their creative journeys. Discover strategies, insights, and tangible tips to monetize your writing, build sustainable careers, and break barriers. Unlocking revenue streams, sponsorships, and collaborations. Effective strategies to increase visibility and attract a wider audience.


Kaye Singleton
Candace Doby
Love Nafi
Brenda Moorer

6:00 PM PST


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